Children's Sacraments





Baptism Information

Click here for scheduling and general information reguarding baptism of an infant, or a child up to the age of 7. Children ages 7-18, Adults 18 or older should contact our RCIA coordinator.

Godparent Affidavit

Contact the rectory for the Godparent/ Confirmation Sponsor form for sacraments celebrated at St. Joseph's on Capitol Hill.





Sacramental Preparation. Parish children will be prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist at St. Joseph's. If your child will be entering at least second grade and has not received either or both of the Sacraments, please let us know on the CCD registration form.   

Visit our Education page to download the registration form. 

Each year, in our second grade classroom, preparation for Reconciliation takes place during the fall and the Eucharist takes place during the spring.   To register your child, please contact our Coordinator: Ryan Jackson .

Easter Vigil 2019 Homily by Fr. Gurnee - The building is iconic.  Millions of visitors come to see her and, she has become the symbol of a country.   (Please read the rest on the bulletin page of our website.)




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