For those who are considering the celebration of the sacrament of marriage at our parish, we wish to make it a joyful and spiritually enriching experience. Although the idea of a wedding may seem quite simple, the reality can be complex. Concern for the sanctity of the sacrament and the profound effect it will have on your life, are the compelling reasons for the Church's stress on careful, even meticulous, preparation.

Preparing for the celebration has two aspects: a personal one in which you share more deeply with each other your beliefs, values, goals and feelings as you make this life-time commitment; and a formal one that involves not only you, but also your families, the Church and society.

During this process, each of you will more intensely share your ideas and emotions, plans and dreams, as well as your hopes and even fears. In this way, you will encourage each other to grow to the full potential of what it means to be husband and wife, a pre-eminent visible sign of Christ's love of, for and in the world.

Most importantly, to begin your preparation for marriage, you should contact us to arrange for a meeting with the parish priest or deacon.  The FAQ's below will help you determine if you may celebrate a wedding at St. Joseph's.  *You should NOT make any venue plans until you have met with the pastor.* 

Pray for God's special blessing during this time of preparation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage

Click on the above link to review commonly asked questions to celebrate a wedding at St. Joseph's on Capitol Hill. Updated October 2014

Please visit this link to listen to music selections for your wedding ceremony.

Marriage Preparation Checklist

A Marriage Preparation Checklist will be given to each couple at their initial meeting with the Pastor

 Please visit or for information on courses for marriage preparation.

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