Men's Choir from Netherlands at the 10:30am Mass on Sept 30th

Mark your calendars for September 30 at the 10:30 am Mass.  St. Joseph's will be pleased to welcome the Mergelland Men's Choir from the Netherlands.  The group of 25 singers is coming to the United States to mark the closing of the doors of  AWON (American World War II Orphans Network.) This network has ties to the American Cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands, their home town.

 There is a special relationship between the community of Margraten and the sons and daughters of the 8301 American soldiers buried there. The choir, will perform during the AWON gala in the Crystal Gateway Marriott hotel in Arlington and during a wreath laying ceremony at the World War II Memory, National Mall.

 In addition, by invitation of the Dutch Embassy, the choir will perform at the Library of Congress on Wednesday, September 26, where the Anne Frank 
Award ceremony 2018 will be hosted.  These performances are for invitation only, and so the group wanted to have an opportunity to sing for anyone who wanted to hear them.  This is natural for them since they regularly sing at their local Catholic church.  There will be a 20 minute pre-Mass concert and joyful singing during Holy Mass, followed by a postlude hymn.  

 Goede morgen mijn vrienden!